REVOLVE Coachella 2016


Using a top notch production team A-Ok was able to take their vision and turn it into reality.

Working with WalkerDrawas and The A-List, we were able to secure celebrity, influencer and trendsetting guest attendees to come by all weekend long.

Working with Ana Calderon & Franki Chan, we were able to secure fashion DJ's and top Hip Hop artists that were brand favorites to perform and keep the party going.

Produced an off-site welcome party for REVOLVE staff and all of their influencers to kick off the Coachella Weekend.


We set out to produce the most buzzed about Coachella party for REVOLVE in order to elevate brand awareness in the festival scene. We collaborated with WalkerDrawas PR & The A-List to bring in top tier celebrities, social influencers and trendsetters, worked with sponsors to curate in-kind branded activations, as well as programed the weekend with fashion DJ's and live performances.


Massive influencer/celebrity attendance, making the Desert House the most desired party outside the main festival grounds. 

Highlight on influencer style paired with high-quality photography and extensive PR brought awareness, long-lasting reach, and authenticity to Revolve's brand. 

Beauty, fashion, and alcohol sponsors within the activation provided activities, celebrity engagement, and increased visibility.