Wonder Woman @ NYCC


Tasked with creating a memorable presence for Wonder Woman at New York Comic Con for her 70th anniversary, we produced a hybrid digital/physical art show to highlight classic and fan art related to the franchise. Original props from the film were displayed alongside the artwork, drawing in new fans and engaging diehard fans. Open for the duration of NYCC, thousands of guests viewed the exhibition each day. 

While designed to engage longtime Wonder Woman fans, one important task of the exhibition was to draw new and younger audiences towards the franchise. Custom acrylic artwork by Aaron Farley brought a contemporary twist to the exhibition. Using Luster printers, guests could post a picture with the hashtag #WWxNYCC and automatically print the photo as a personalized takeaway.

A combination of physical and digital artwork allowed a malleable set of content unrestrained by time. We were able to provide fans with an experience that spanned the history of Wonder Woman's 70 year timeline. 


Constant traffic daily throughout Comic Con. 

Quantifiable engagement through the #WWxNYCC hashtag, bolstered by live printing at the entrance/exit of the installation. 

Traffic directed around a large screen displaying the trailer to the film, raising awareness for all audiences. 

Installation became a meeting spot for cosplayers in the comic world of Wonder Woman, organically creating authentic and memorable press moments.