Collateral Beauty


Charged with creating an immersive, interactive experience for Warner Bros' winter blockbuster Collateral Beauty, we parterned with interactive development team Virtu Labs to turn loose ideas into a concrete experience. 

By signing in with Facebook or Instagram, visitors' images were combined with an on-site photobooth to produce a deeply personal animation centered around the core concepts in Collateral Beauty. After the experience, guests were emailed a digital version of their experience. With the film's core concepts threaded throughout the installation, guests were able to feel a deeper connection to the film by contextualizing their own photographs. 

  • Head of State

A-Ok was able to contextualize user data in a way that excited guests both about the film and their own personal relationships. 


Steady engagement throughout high traffic holiday hours at the Glendale Americana mall. 

Repeat visitors created word of mouth PR throughout the week. 

Inclusion of Instagram + Facebook allowed a wide age range to participate. 

Flexible software installation allowed A-OK to coordinate a custom wedding proposal for a fan of the experience. 

Activation directly outside of major movie theater translated to direct sales.