THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END IN A FIERY BUT ALSO WET MESS. Worse than Fyre Festival! There's lots we can do and a rad, fun concert to do it at! You know how it's crazy to think about people who lived at the time of XY or Z not doing something about it? This is one of those times!

Climate LA at The Theatre at Ace Hotel

DO YOU LOVE THE NEW SEASON OF MASTER OF NONE? Then come watch Eric Wareheim spin some wicked tunes (his words).
Do you love amazing live music too? WEYES BLOOD and NEON INDIAN are playing live and are amazing. The Theatre at Ace Hotel is one of the raddest venues in LA.

Concert tickets are $35 and we're also accepting, encouraging, praising, v stoked about donations of any level / sort. It's seriously the most important thing we can do for our families, future generations, our ability to feel good about ourselves.
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from our friends and neighbors...

A-OK Netflix Interactive Storytelling Lets Viewers Choose Their Tale
Netflix is launching a series of interactive experiences with their children's shows, that "transforms viewers into directors of their own TV adventures."
A-OK Revolve Celebrates the Launch of its Madeworn and Roc96 Collaboration With Rihanna in Snowy Los Angeles
The release of Revolve “exclusive capsule collection” with Madeworn and Roc96 was a winter-themed event (equipped with a "life-sized polar bear") that included guests such Chris Paul, Paris Hilton, and Rihanna.
A-OK Warner Bros. Promotes Digital Exec JP Richards to Chief Data Strategist
Warner Brothers announced that JP Richards will take on the role of Chief Data Strategist. According to their VP of worldwide digital marketing, this will allow them to "tap into—and benefit from—his [Richards] broad marketing expertise.”
A-OK Rihanna’s Next PUMA Creeper
Images of the upcoming Fenty x PUMA Creepers have been released, coming in two colorways (burnt orange and black). They also have a much thicker, "boot-like" sole.
A-OK VICELAND announces TOONAMI-like block of late-nite anime
Viceland will begin broadcasting a late-night block of anime programming in July; the shows will be a mixture of anime classics and cult favorites such as "Cowboy Bepop" and "Toyko Ghoul".
Regarding the Health Care Bill...

Hey everyone - we at A-OK wanted to tell you that we believe the Health Bill is super important and give you something to do with that thought if you agree. We don’t want to belabor your with partisan rhetoric, stats, etc. to try to convince you over anything. If you want that, you can read / listen to / watch the news.

To stop the repeal only two Republicans need to vote against
Four Republicants currently don’t support it
We have seven days
Representatives need to hear from people in their states
Here’s how you identify the people you know in those vulnerable and influential places: trumpcareten.org

For more info, visit indivisibleguide.com
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